Between Dark Lord and Tom

What if Doug Jones played a young Voldemort?

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We’re Past 50% Pledged, And We’re Down To The Final 10 Days!

We have to reach the minimum in order to get the funds (otherwise it doesn’t charge you). We’ve been working on this for ten months, and this is the final barrier between us and the biggest HP Fan Film ever created.


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So this is a project I’ve been helping out on.

Please give it your love!
7 Days left!

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This poster was just released so I can finally talk about it! As far as I know this is the first time OCAD has chosen to use illustration for the GradEx poster instead of straight graphic design (when they contacted me I actually thought they’d mistaken me for a graphic designer) so I was really excited to work on this. 

The idea was about breaking traditions and moving past cliches to find new ways of thinking. More than anything I found OCADU to be a school of ideas. We were always encouraged to move past easy solutions to get to the heart of an idea to come up with something new. No self-respecting illustration student would settle for using a lightbulb until all other metaphors had been exhausted…so of course I couldn’t help but use it in this piece.

Thanks to everyone on the GradEx committee who worked with me on this! And if you’re in the GTA May 1st - 4th make sure you check out the exhibition!

Mark the date on your calendar!

Come on out to the OCADU grad show and see my stuff :D

Rockabilly Kookaburra!

Rockaburra? KookaBilly?
Whatever, it’s cool.

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So my website is live. Check it out!

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So here’s a thing - I’M GOING TO PAX EAST!


I’ll be hanging around with  oliviasatelier, howtosucceedinmyvagina, and eelrak among other wonders! If you see me around, flag me down!
I’ll have some free posters on me if you’re lucky ;)

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Quick Colour Studies

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Ceci n’est pas un Maire / This is not a Mayor

Today my city’s Mayor, Toronto’s Mayor, admitted to having used cocaine after many months of allegations, police investigations, and relentless denials. This is the same mayor who’s well known for getting drunk around town doing whatever the hell he wants, and going on with zero repercussions, just because he is mayor. Now that video footage of his cocaine use has been confirmed, he has finally admitted this with no intention to step down or seek help and would rather sweep it under the rug and stay on top.

This man is not my Mayor.

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The 1st Toronto Mayoral Debate happened today.
For those who missed it, you can watch it here.

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So I know it’s a little late, but I realized I haven’t gushed about my new theme.

I love my new Blog Theme!

Also, check out the links to my Instagram and Facebook pages installed on the page!

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